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The game of demon sex Steam that still be being written down is that Man Bing completely is an animal ” Overdungeon ” ? By Japan ア of ペ of ト of ッ of ケ of ポ of independent game group makes the Roguelike+DBG type game of development this, was acted as agent formally by thunderbolt game. ” Overdungeon ” on November 20, 2018 open inchoate test, line a week took Japanese area Steam to sell well to taste pop chart newly on head. And go up after wearing Chinese Steam market, although had not made any conduct propaganda, but public praise is better, 646 evaluations are at present medium, the user that has 85% gave out reputably. Still attracted Wang Laoju, free small maple wait for B station UP advocate, they bec上海千花网论坛

ome the tap water of this game in succession, had released try relevantly上海同城对对碰交友社区

play video to undertake commendatory. Thunderbol上海同城对对碰交友社区

t game regards the fever of Roguelike game as friend, also be in all the time the country that help strength is small the development of game of numerous unique kind. No matter be this before ” blackart burrow 2 ” still be now ” Overdungeon ” , have distinguishing feature each, otherness is dye-in-the-wood. Act as agent ” Overdungeon ” hind, believe thunderbolt game can let more player experience not only amused and the game content that has otherness, can enlarge its good public praise through persistent operation. Speak of DBG this game type, for the kind that it has calorie of card to undertake card library is built compared with traditional basis, more exquisite and random sex and politic sex, the player builds an identical card group very hard in two game. Because its development is shorter, the mechanism is original, the mind that still is young numerous player only at present is good. And ” Overdungeon ” the new show that regards DBG as game, roguelike game and DBG game most the partial confluence of elite was in one case, this also catered to instantly to the player is spent to freedom and want the pursuit of element randomly, show him distinction a lot of window at congener product. Roguelike3 is chosen 1 — shuffle give destiny, those who play a card is myself ” Overdungeon ” consulted ” kill minaret ” medium Roguelike mechanism, whole was used climb a tower to charge the pattern that close, the map that makes randomly is full of branch road, an eccentric person of dispersed different type, shop, rest the random inciden爱上海龙凤419桑拿

t such as the dot. Every make a move needs the player the balance that has all sorts of event and accept or reject, the part chooses ” 3 choose 1 ” , of toll-gate branch ” 3 choose 1 ” , of booty ” 3 choose 1 ” . . . . . . The purpose closes a success to enter namely. And lie between for the area at ” kill minaret ” etc is congener product, ” Overdungeon ” expectation is more outstanding on art show characteristic of oneself unreal of day type demon, because group of this research and development also is in newest version,optimized art UI, the hope is brought to players more the visual experience that absorbs eyeball and sharp game atmosphere move. The DBG that style of art of new edition of style of old edition art matchs indefinitely — the type arrives more explode, demon sex took stalk game to use as disparate as dark dungeon style bud to fasten puppy to serve as arm of services oneself, have the contrast feeling of humour of type of a kind of day. A variety of genre of card card also were designed inside game additionally, include animal, building, abracadabra to wait, increased to block group of built pluralism. Among them itself of a lot of calories of cards is taken oneself stalk, dog of horse of the mud that be like grass, bedspring, brood chicken implement, close put dog, loop blocking Nuo to wait, the visual result that can produce demon sex is returned when use. Be opposite actually in battle process, look at different card group to repeat the pile, show effect that floods the enemy to let a person feel happy really, this is ” Overdungeon ” particular ” grind press type ” bright feeling! The half instant battle of bright overturn the heavens — card card is put rightly, the enemy does not have an opportunity ” Overdungeon ” still undertook innovating on battle means, they are shirt-sleeve ” royalty war ” spend RTS mode gently, the design gives a kind of game pattern that makes immediately partly. The player wants to be able to assure sufficient capacity passing a card only, so the upper limit that plays calorie of card inside round, it is boundless. And, the player can use splitting hand fast, inside the range that can make in him, use all card cards that can use, this kind of instant operation feeling that plays a law to bring added the bright touch of real play a game, also be game the poor dissimilation that can enjoy a sex is reflecte爱上海龙凤419桑拿

d. Independent small group, make greatly attentively after if had experienced this game deep,believing everybody, can experience ” Overdungeon ” the caution that appears on detail is thought of. This Steam game that develops independently by 7 people group only, be in at present EA phase, group of research and development also knows very well game itself is put in a few problems and inadequacy, because this affirms acting hind in thunderbolt, communicate the direction that decided sequel is adjusted quickly. Besides in front of mentioned art style optimize update beyond, bilateral and first meeting is aimed at game content extend and block card numerical value to balance a problem to undertake optimizing, the in replacing edition everybody that wears on May 27 can have experienced 上海龙凤论坛sh1f

a part to optimize bit of content. Love the player of this game to pass on broad happy event, begin from May 30, ” Overdungeon ” also can launch a week of by a definite date in Steam shop 7 fold sales promotion activity, interested player is OK and great experience, those who offer oneself try to play an opinion or suggest, help this game become better. Current after all the history of DBG game is very short, and DBG+Roguelike is so small numerous combination needs time to grow more. ” Overdungeon ” the infinite latent capacity that appears to had let us feel DBG play. Future, expect thunderbolt game can make very companionate part, ” Overdungeon ” burnish is gotten more excellent, present for everybody ” new-style ” Roguelike work.

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