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Longan, tremella, red jujube is people encounter via regular meeting in diet feed capable person, they have very good nourishing effect to the health of human body, accordingly people likes particularly willA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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3 person put together boil congee to come edible, because such doing not only mouthfeel is particularly good, andShanghai Long Feng forum

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And still can rise to promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid very well the effect that enrich the blood. So longan is silver-coloredFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Is what congee of ear red jujube wants to do good what is drinking the way that does not yield nutrient prediction of a person’s luck in a given year again?

What is the practice of congee of longan tremella red jujube?

Tremella nutrition value

Tremella can increase hepatic and alexipharmic capacity, tremella of liver action; is protected since chronic to old age it is OK that heart disease of former sex of bronchitic, lung has; of certain curative effect to be taken for a long time embellish skin, what the effect; of yellow speckle of dispel face ministry, fleck strengthens leucocyte gobble up ability, the prandial fiber in tremella of; of function of excited and medullary hematopoiesis can aid gastric bowel peristalsis, decrease adipose absorb, achieve the result that reduce weight thereby.

What is the practice of congee of longan tremella red jujube?

The nutrient value of red jujube

1. jujube can enhance power of human body immunity, can restrain cancer cell: Pharmacodynamics considers to discover, red jujube can promote white blood cell generate, reduce serum cholesterol, raise serum albumin, protection is hepatic, gong Zaozhong still is contained restrain cancer cell, the corporeal; that can make cancer cell is changed to normal cell even

2. often the person of edible bright jujube suffers from gall-stone rarely, this is the vitamin C that abounds because of Xian Zaozhong, make the spare cholesterol change inside body is biliary acid, cholesterol is little, the probability that stone forms also reduces; subsequently

Calcium and iron are contained a lot ofin 3. jujube, they produce anaemia to have main effect to osteoporosis of prevention and cure, old people the turn of life often is met in osteoporosis, growing the adolescent of development height and female are incidental anaemic, big jujube can have very ideal dietotherapy effect to them, its effect is the; that medicaments cannot be likened to normally

What is the practice of congee of longan tremella red jujube?

The nutrient value of longan

1. nutrition is abounded

Longan contains a variety of nutrition material, have enrich the blood calm the nerves, beneficial of be good at head wisdom, heart of take a tonic to build up health lienal effect

2.Woman health care

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Consider to discover, of cancer cell of palace of longan two pairs restrain rate more than 90% , woman the turn of life is tumour of department of gynaecology good1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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The phase of hair, eat some of longan appropriately advantageous and healthy

Longan is red the practice of jujube tremella soup

After 1. tremella is sent with clear water bubble, cut go ministry of the base of a fruit, lacerate Cheng Xiaoduo;

After 2. red jujube and longan are sent with clear water bubble, abluent drop does;

3. pours longan, red jujube, tremella into high-pressured boiler, add clear water, enter rock candy;

The boiler on 4. lid is built, fire of the make down after the steam on big baked wheaten cake, press 20-25 minute can.

The sexual Wen Weigan of longan, beneficial heart is lienal, filling gas bloodForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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; has outstanding alimentary benefiting effect. Red jujube is to benefit curative fine medicine and sweet and dainty beautiful fruit, its flavour pleasant, the gender is lukewarm, action fills lienal beneficial is angry, raise blood to calm the nerves.

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